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Agile, Scrum & Kanban — Which one to choose?

Agile, Scrum and Kanban, — these are the most common terms you will keep hearing in today’s software development world. It is easy to get them mixed up or refer to them in the wrong context. So, what do they mean and which one to choose for a project? All these queries and many others will be discussed in this post. Hang On!


In the project management world, agile is a set of principles and values. So, does this mean agile is a methodology or a framework that we can follow for managing a project? No…

The order of specificity preference when overriding a CSS style.

When multiple CSS rules reference the same HTML element, the browser needs a rule of thumb to predict which styling instruction should take precedence. This is known as the CSS override. Depending on which selector type is used to style an element, there are certain rules that determine which style overrides another.

Let’s take a small example to understand how this is done.

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